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Kiddies Menu

Bolognaise R35

Bolognaise sauce & speghetti. 

Alfredo R35 

A choice of beef strips, bacon or bbq chicken. 

Macaroni Cheese R35 

Penne pasta tossed in a cheese sauce 

Kiddies Pizza R35 

A choice of any two topping.

Grilled Vienna R25

Served with chips. 

Pork Ribs R45 

Rib Fingers served with chips. 

Chicken Nuggets R35 

Deep fried chicken nuggets served with chips. 

Chicken Strips R32 

Served with chips.

Smoothies R17

Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Mango Passion or Lime

Sodas R15

Coke, Cream Soda or Fanta 

Milkshakes R17

Chocolate, bubblegum, strawberry lime, Vanilla & banana.