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Margheta R38

Italian tomato & herb.

Vegetarian R48

Peppadews, mushroom, onion, green pepper

Olives & garlic

Tys Chicken R48
Bbq Chicken & creamy Mayo

Mexican R48
Bolognaise, onion, pepper, chilli & garlic

Bbq Chicken R49
Bbq chicken, mushrooms & onion

Tikka R52 

Tikka chicken, onion, jalapeno & chilli

Hawaiian R48.

Flaked ham & pineapple

Pepperoni R55

Potent pepperoni cured the old fassion way

topped with chuncky garlic & onion


A choice of penne, fettuccini or speghetti

Alfredo R60

A choice of bbq Chicken or Flaked ham

and mushrooms in a creamy parmesan sauce

Bolognaise R56

Napolitana and bolognaise mince

Mexican R58

Bolognaise, fresh chilli in a creamy

Smoked Salmone R65

Smoked salmon tossed in a creamy Garlic sauce

Napolitana R49 

Italian tomato & herb

Giardinera R57

Mushrooms brinjal, jalapenos, sundried

tomato, peppers, garlic, feta tossed in olive oil

Panzerotti Porcini R55 

Pasta Pockets filled with mushroom and tossed

in a creamy Garlic and Napolitana sauce

Light Meals

A choice of chips, rice or salad

Chicken strips R45

Crumbed and deep fried chicken strips

served with a sweet chilli sauce

Calamari R51

150g Grilled or deep fried calamari drizzled

with lemon butter & served with tartar sauce

Pork Ribs R55

200g Pork Ribs basted in a sticky bbq sauce

Rump Steak R59

200g matured rump steak basted in bbq sauce

Tempura Hake R55.00

2 hake fillets Battered in tempura and served

deep fried or Grilled


Greek Salad R45

Mixed lettuce, cucumber, mixed peppers,

onion, tomato, Julliene carrots, Feta &

calamata olives

Cajun Chicken Salad R54

Mixed lettuce, cucumber, mixed peppers,

onion,tomato, Julliene carrots, Cajun

Chicken & Avocado.